2018 ACWA Championship Cook Off, Fredericksburg, TX

Gillespie County Fairgrounds
Gillespie County Fairgrounds

A HUGE thank you to the wagon crews who came for this first championship. You made all the committee's work worthwhile.

Now for the complete and verified results:
MEAT: 1st Crosstimber, Jack Ramey, 2nd Rocking T, Lonnie Tegeler, 3rd Ozark Bullwhackers, Johnny Kee, 4th Shadow Peak, Scott & Alicia Tibbets, 5th J Diamond B, Bobby & Jo Anne Mims, 6th BreakAway, Wilbur & Annette Wilson
BEANS: 1st BreakAway, 2nd Crosstimber, 3rd EZ Cattle Co., Rex Dalton, 4th Rafter JB, John & Becky Conway, 5th R - D, Robert & Donece Corey, 6th Heart Bar, Kit & Becky Haddock
POTATOES: 1st Cocklebur, Sam Howell, 2nd R - D, 3rd J Diamond B, 4th Rafter JB, 5th Heart Bar, 6th BreakAway
BREAD: 1st Crosstimber, 2nd Rocking T, 3rd R - D, 4th Rafter JB, 5th J Diamond B, 6th Heart Bar
DESSERT: 1st J Diamond B, 2nd Ozark Bullwhackers, 3rd Crosstimber, 4th Bar WB, Michael Byrd, 5th EZ Cattle Co., 6th Shadow Peak
WAGON: 1st Shadow Peak, 2nd J Diamond B, 3rd BreakAway, 4th Heart Bar, 5th Cocklebur
There were 13 wagons competing. The wagon judges were Aubrey Lenamon, Ken Romine and Tommy Martin.

2018 ACWA Championship Cook Off Qualified Wagons

from the Lazy E Cook Off, March 5, 2016, in Guthrie, OK
Crosstimber, Jack Ramey, Mustang, OK
Rafter JB, John & Becky Conway, Cambridge, KS
DT, Jim Patrick, Weathertown, SD


Convention Center

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Frost Bank, Boerne, TX
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