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The ACWA Board of Directors, its officers and members would like to welcome you to the online home of the American Chuck Wagon Association, a 501.c.3 organization.

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About Our Association

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The American Chuck Wagon Association started out as a small group of Old West enthusiasts and has expanded to world wide association preserving the American past through competitions, demonstrations, charity and school events and other venues.

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Our work is funded by sponsorships, tax-free donations, honorariums and memorials; (We are a 501.c.3 organization); cookbook & cap sales in our General Store (go shopping); as well as membership dues. For donations, honorariums and memorials, you may send a check to:
ACWA, P.O. Box 6538, Lubbock, TX 79493 or call (940) 532 1788 with credit card information. For Honorariums and Memorials, please include the name of the person remembered/honored, and an address for a thank you card.

Youth & the ACWA

ACWA knows our future lies in our youth and we support them by offering scholarships, helping with youth cook offs, demonstrations and other educational activities at cook offs, schools and other events. Check out the YOUTH page for more information.

ACWA Scholarships

Each year ACWA awards scholarships (read more) to individuals for up to $1000/year. You can download the application and instructions here. Applications and all supporting documents must be completed and postmarked no later than February 28, each year.

Scholarship recipients for the 2018 school year are Jennifer L. Miller, of Silverton, TX, and Wyatt Wilson of Abilene, TX.

Youth Cook Offs

For more information about youth cook offs, see our page. If your organization would like to request up to $150 and other ACWA supplies for a youth cook off, download the form and submit to

Brian Frankum
via email at
via mail to PO Box 85, Axtell, TX 76624


The American Chuck Wagon Association is excited to be partnering with the High School BBQ Cookers Association to help inspire the next generation of Chuck Wagon owners & cooks. Please consider being involved in one of their events and visit their website.

Another way to involve and educate our youth is with demonstrations. If you or your organization has hosted a chuck wagon demonstration, please send the information and pictures to so your event can be featured in the next edition of the the ACWA newsletter, Under the Fly.


Currently ACWA has limited funding for these activities but through your generosity we want to expand our funding of scholarships, youth cook offs and other events! Please consider giving donation or memorial (specify on your gift YOUTH) so we can continue and even expand ACWA's involvement.

General Store

Want to take home some of that authentic, Old West taste and style? Now you can with ACWA Cookbooks and caps!

Chuck Wagon Catering

Many of our members offer catering services. Check out the link above to contact one of them about bringing some of the finest chuck wagon cooking to your next event.


ACWA News & Events

Just a reminder on membership dues. If you are mailing them in, please send them to ACWA at
PO Box 6538, Lubbock, Texas 79493.

For upcoming events click on the EVENTS tab.

August 2019, President's Message

Greetings Fellow ACWA Members,

It is hard to imagine the year is half over. I know many of you are gearing up for the Fall cooking season while others are cooking regularly. I know there are several of you that cook for the actual Fall cattle roundups. It would sure be great to have some photos of those events. Many people today don't realize there are some ranches who still have or use chuck wagons for their cattle roundup. I was talking to Johnny Kee, the president of the Mid America Chapter, and he and his wife, Linda are going to Alaska to cook on a chuck wagon David Roberts helped rebuild for a church in the Kodiak area. Another great example of ACWA members educating the public about chuck wagons, cooking and sharing in Church Ministry.

I must report director John Conway has removed the flotation devices off his chuck wagon. He reported he is now cutting and baling hay. Like so many he has had a strange year. Director Jack Ramey was complaining about mud one day and hot weather the next. I truly think Jack needs to spend some time out with our Arizona Directors Dave McDowell and Russ Richins. They truly experience some hot weather. Speaking of directors, Lonnie Tegeler is working on the Director nominees and the 2019 ACWA Award nominations. Sure hope you sent in some nominations. I have mentioned a few of our directors but I must say they all do a great job. They spend a lot of their time promoting and working to improve ACWA. The Historical Committee is hard at work. Chairman Ronnie Sexton reported he and other members are deep into conducting research on the different components of the chuck wagon. There have been several museums and historical societies that have shared considerable information and photographs as well as people like Doug Hansen of Hansen Wagon Works and David Sneed of Wheels That Won The West. A great big THANK YOU goes out to those that have offered their information and help to the Historical Committee.

As I am typing Hurricane Barry is churning in the Gulf of Mexico. It reminds me of the awesome powers of nature. Imagine being on a cattle drive and seeing the cloud banks roll in, feel the temperature drop from the 60's to the 30's, or go from sunny to hail, lightening, wind and rain. The cowboys and the cook had some adverse conditions to work in. Unlike today, where we can seek shelter in the cab of a pickup, home or barn, they had canvas and wool. The legendary football coach Woody Hays said, "There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." I would say most everyone that went up the trail went through that cleansing, for they truly were a hardy group of individuals.

I think chuck wagon cooks today are no different in lots of ways. Ever been cooking cobblers or bread and the heavens open up on your Dutch ovens? I know many chuck wagon cooks who have adapted or overcome the wind and weather. It doesn't matter if it was a competition, a feed for 100 or just feeding family. The attitude of the chuck wagon cook is "I will cook this meal regardless of what Mother Nature throws at me." Lou Holtz said, "Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I'll show you someone who has overcome adversity." I feel just as the cooks before us we have overcome adversity, true we haven't had it as harsh and unprotected, but it was worthwhile. In closing thank you to all those that have taken the hard road and overcome adversity in your chuck wagon cooking. I think you bring out the best of ACWA.

See you down the trail!

Sam Howell II
2019 ACWA President

A Little History

In 1996 at a chuck wagon competition in Amarillo, Texas, a small group of Old West enthusiasts and wagon masters talked about an association. The mission would be to preserve the heritage of the chuck wagon and its use in the short, but significant, era of the cattle drives. In 1997, in Bryson, Texas, by-laws and articles of operation were adopted and the American Chuck Wagon Association was off and running. Today there are members in 31 states, Canada, Germany and France.

Mission statement - Revised 2018
The mission statement of the American Chuck Wagon Association is:
To preserve and present the heritage of the Chuck Wagon.
This will be accomplished by the following Core Values:

  • Integrity.
  • Education on historically correct aspects of Chuck Wagons and its importance to the beef cattle industry.
  • Fair competitive events and the promotion of youth cook-offs.
  • Fun for people passionate about chuck wagons.
  • A desire to support our communities through various outreaches and educational scholarships.
  • Inspiring future generations to embrace the chuck wagon and western heritage.

American Chuck Wagon Association
Board of Diirectors Nomination Ballots

Each year every ACWA member can exercise their right to vote on the leadership of ACWA by choosing up to three candidates to fill the three vacancies on the American Chuck Wagon Association (ACWA) Board of Directors.

The followng individuals accepted their nomination to serve on the ACWA Board of Directors for a three-year term:
Mike Byrd, Burton, Texas
Clint Combs, Las Vegas, Nevada
Paul Geeslin, Lubbock, Texas
Doug Hahn, Watseka, Illinois
Glenn Hanger, Middlebrook, Virginia
Jesse Hillis, Lubbock, Texas
Darryl Jacobs, Texarkana, Arkansas
Marcus Reed, Blooming Grove, Texas

The candidates' bios/pictures with a ballot have been sent via email and/or USPS to each ACWA member. Please take the time to read about each of the candidates and cast your vote for the three individuals or your choice. The deadline for voting is September 16, 2019. Only current members as of July 1, 2019 can vote. For each Single and Event membership you may cast three votes. For a Joint membership, each member can cast three votes each. IF you did not receive either an email and/or mailout please contact ACWA via email at or call 940-532-1788.

ACWA members submitting their votes via email are asked to send an email to me, Lonnie Tegeler, Chairman of the Nominating Committee at The email must list the three candidates' names as well as the name of the ACWA member(s) submitting the vote.

If submitting your vote via USPS, please tear off the last page (page 7) of the mailout, fill it out, sign and send the page to me, Lonnie Tegeler, 5400 Wonder Hill Road, Chappell Hill, Texas 77426-5248. The paper ballot must have the printed name and signature of the ACWA member submitting the vote.

Lonnie Tegeer, Chairman
2019 ACWA Nominating Committee


ACWA contact information:
Mailing address: P O Box 6538, Lubbock, Texas 79493
Phone: 940-532-1788

Come to Pueblo, Colorado, on November 1st and 2nd for the 2019 ACWA Annual Meeting. It will be at the Pueblo Heritage Museum, 201 West B Street.
A block of $105 king or 2-bed queen rooms are reserved at the Courtyard by Marriott, West City Center Drive. Call 719-542-3200 and ask for ACWA block of rooms. Deadline for reservations is Thursday, October 17.There is a KOA off I25 for RVers.

Latest News............
Updated January 17, 2019

Fees for renewal of ACWA membership, website ad and newsletter ad!

Membership fees: Membership costs are the same as last year's - Individual - $25; Couple or two individuals within same household - $40; Event - $100, Lifetime - One time fee of $500.00.* An event membership gives the same benefits as an individual membership plus you will get your event's information (up to three pages) sent to all ACWA members as well as posting(s) of registration, event details and results in the monthly ACWA update as well as on the ACWA website and facebook page.

*International members should include an additional $5.00 to cover processing and/or postage costs.

Website Ad: $120/year - As in prior years, this includes posting onto the front page of the ACWA website and this year will include once a month posting of your business card or event information onto the ACWA Facebook page.

Newsletter Ad: $100/year - As in prior years, this includes posting on each quarterly edition of the ACWA newsletter, Under the Fly and this year will include once a month posting of your business card or event information onto the Facebook page.

Memberships and Ad fees can be sent to: ACWA, PO Box 6538, Lubbock, Texas 79493 or can be paid for here on the ACWA website by clicking on the "Membership" tab above and paying by PayPal for an additional $5.00 convenience fee.

If you need to change any of your contact information, please complete a new membership form found on the "Membership" tab and send it in with your payment.

Thanks for your continued support in 2019 of the American Chuck Wagon Association!

Read the latest by-laws here.

Members participate in Cook off competitions, demonstrations, catering, charity events, school visits and many other activities to fulfill that original mission and even surpass the dreams of those organizers. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you will visit one or more of our chuck wagon events.     Read More?

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