2015-2016 Event Results

Pigeon Forge, TN Guthrie, OK Fredericksburg, TX

Saddle Up, March 4, 2017, Pigeon Forge, TN

MEAT: 1st Ozark Bullwhackers, Johnny & Linda Kee, 2nd Greenhorn Cattle, Sammy Hogan, 3rd Double X, Glenn & Benita Coffey
BREAD: 1st Double X, 2nd Circle S Bar, 3rd Ozark Bullwhackers
BEANS: 1st Greenhorn, 2nd Ozark Bullwhackers, 3rd Circle S Bar, Mike & Lynne Simonic
POTATOES: 1st Double X, 2nd Grumpy's Grub, Gregg Allen, 3rd Greenhorn
DESSERT: 1st Circle S Bar, 2nd Double X, 3rd Ozark Bullwhackers
CORNBREAD: 1st Greenhorn, 2nd Grumpy's Grub, 3rd Double X
BEST COFFEE: Skillet & Spurs
OVERALL: 1st Double X, 2nd Ozark Bullwhackers
WAGON: 1st Ozark Bullwhackers, 2nd Double X, 3rd Skillet & Spurs

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Lazy E Arena, March 4, 2017, Guthrie, OK

MEAT: 1st Crosstimber, Jack Ramey, 2nd JL Cattle (not Atkins), 3rd Runnin' B, Ken Brous, 4th Rafter JB, John & Becky Conway
BREAD: 1st Runnin’ B, 2nd Honey Do Spoiler, Keven Romines, 3rd Crosstimber,4th Cocklebur
BEANS: 1st Rafter JB, 2nd DT Wagon, Jim Patrick, 3rd JL Cattle, 4th Cocklebur, Sam Howell
POTATOES: 1st JL Cattle, 2nd Running D, 3rd DT, 4th Cocklebur
DESSERT: 1st Running D, Donnie & Joe Daniels, 2nd Crosstimber, 3rd Rafter JB, 4th Circle 4D, Derrick Moore
WAGON: 1st Crosstimber, 2nd Rafter JB, 3rd DT, 4th JL Cattle
OVERALL: 1st Crosstimber, 2nd RafterJB, 3rd JL Cattle, 4th DT
There were 11 wagons competing. The wagon judges were Mike Colbert, Walker Ryan and Ronnie Sexton.

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ACWA Championship Cook Off, Gillespie County Fairgrounds, March 31-April 1, 2017, Fredericksburg, TX,

MEAT: 1st Crosstimber, Jack Ramey, 2nd Rocking T, Lonnie Tegeler, 3rd Ozark Bullwhackers, Johnny Kee, 4th Shadow Peak, Scott & Alicia Tibbets, 5th J Diamond B, Bobby & Jo Anne Mims, 6th BreakAway, Wilbur & Annette Wilson
BEANS: 1st BreakAway, 2nd Crosstimber, 3rd EZ Cattle Co., Rex Dalton, 4th Rafter JB, John & Becky Conway, 5th R - D, Robert & Donece Corey, 6th Heart Bar, Kit & Becky Haddock
POTATOES: 1st Cocklebur, Sam Howell, 2nd R - D, 3rd J Diamond B, 4th Rafter JB, 5th Heart Bar, 6th BreakAway
BREAD: 1st Crosstimber, 2nd Rocking T, 3rd R - D, 4th Rafter JB, 5th J Diamond B, 6th Heart Bar
DESSERT: 1st J Diamond B, 2nd Ozark Bullwhackers, 3rd Crosstimber, 4th Bar WB, Michael Byrd, 5th EZ Cattle Co., 6th Shadow Peak
WAGON: 1st Shadow Peak, 2nd J Diamond B, 3rd BreakAway, 4th Heart Bar, 5th Cocklebur
OVERALL: Crosstimber
There were 13 wagons competing. The wagon judges were Aubrey Lenamon, Ken Romine and Tommy Martin.

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