2018 Event Results

Pigeon Forge, TN

Saddle Up, March 3, 2018, Pigeon Forge, TN

MEAT: 1st Ozark Bullwhackers, Johnny & Linda Kee, 2nd JL Cattle Co., Jeff Jenkins & Steve Hull, 3rd Double X, Glenn & Benita Coffey
BEANS: 1st Grumpy's Grub, Gregg Allen, 2nd Ozark Bullwhackers, 3rd Han Du, Doug & Donna Hahn
BREAD: 1st JL Cattle Co., 2nd Rocking TP, Troy Phillips, 3rd Ozark Bullwhackers
POTATOES: 1st JL Cattle Co., 2nd Ozark Bullwhachers, 3rd Greenhorn Cattle Co., Sammy Hogan
DESSERT: 1st Rocking TP, 2nd Han Du, 3rd Ozark Bullwhackers
CORNBREAD: 1st Grumpy's Grub, 2nd Greenhorn Cattle Co., 3rd The 187, Jim & Mary Workman
WAGON: 1st JL Cattle Co., 2nd Grumpy's Grub, 3rd Greenhorn Cattle Co.
OVERALL: 1st Ozark Bullwhackers, 2nd JL Cattle Co.

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