2014 Event Results

Pigeon Forge, TN San Antonio, TX Cartersville, GA Guthrie, OK Logan, NM
Vidalia, GA Breckenride, TX Abilene, TX Fort Sisseton (near Lake City), SD Stevensville, MT
Clovis, NM Hugo, CO

Saddle Up, February 22, Pigeon Forge, TN

MEAT: 1st JL Cattle Co., 2nd Greenhorn Cattle Co. - Sammy Hogan, 3rd Ramblin' Rose - Lexie & Katy Dean
BEANS: 1st Circle L, 2nd Greenhorn Cattle Co., 3rd Double X
BREAD: 1st Skillets & Spurs, 2nd Circle L, 3rd Ramblin' Rose
POTATOES: 1st (tie) Skillets & Surs - Troy & Cindy Reddick and Double X - Glenn Coffey, 2nd Circle L, 3rd JL Cattle Co.
DESSERT: 1st (tie) Circle L and Double X, 2nd Skillets & Spurs, 3rd Ramblin Rose
WAGON: 1st JL Cattle Col, 2nd Ramblin’ Rose, 3rd Skillets & Spurs
CORNBREAD: 1st Ramblin' Rose, 2nd Double X, 3rd Skillets & Spurs
OVERALL: 1st Skillets and Spurs, 2nd Ramblin’ Rose
There were 6 wagons competing. The wagon judges were Chris Morton and Rem Mosimann.

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San Antonio, TX, Elks Lodge #216 Chuck Wagon Cook Off, March 1, 2014

MEAT: 1st Musselshell, Dan McCaffree, 2nd Bertie Bell, Tom & TrishaBright, 3rd Bear Creek, Jim & Carla Schumacher
BEANS: 1st Musselshell, 2nd Bear Creek, 3rd Bertie Bell
BREAD: 1st Bertie Bell, 2nd Musselshell, 3rd Bear Creek
DESSERT: 1st Bear Creek, 2nd Musselshell, 3rd Bertie Bell
OVERALL: Musselshell
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Cartersville, GA, Southeastern Cowboy Gathering, March 8

MEAT: 1st Double X, 2nd Fairplay, 3rd Etowah
BEANS: 1st Fairplay, 2nd Skillet & Spurs, Troy & Cindy Reddick, 3rdDouble X
POTATOES: 1ST Skillet & Spurs, 2nd Etowah, 3rd Fairplay
BREAD: 1st Cow Camp, 2nd Skillet & Spurs, 3rd Fairplay
DESSERT: 1st Ramblin’ Rose, Lexie & Katy Dean, 2nd Double X, 3rdSkillet & Spurs
WAGON: 1st Ramblin’ Rose, 2nd Skillet & Spurs, 3rd Cow Camp
OVERALL: Skillet & Spurs
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Guthrie, OK, Lazy E chuck Wagon Cook Off, March 7-8

MEAT: 1st Rafter JB, John & Becky Conway, 2nd Crosstimbers, Jack Ramey, 3rd Diamond W
BEANS: 1st Diamond W, 2nd Crosstimbers, 3rd Rafter JB
POTATOES: 1st Diamond W, 2nd Honey Do Spoiler, 3rd Crosstimbers
BREAD: 1st Diamond W, 2nd Honey Do Spoiler, Keven Romines, 3rd Crosstimbers
DESSERT: 1st Diamond W, 2nd JB, 3rd Big Pasture, B. K. Nuzum
WAGON: 1st JB, 2nd Diamond W, 3rd Crosstimbers
OVERALL: Diamond W
There were 5 wagons competing. Wagon judges were three participants from the five wagons.
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Logan, NM, Canadian River Renegades, April 26

MEAT: 1st Cross, 2nd (tie) C4B & Musselshell, Dan McCaffree, 4th Rising W, 5th Cocklebur, Sam Howell
BEANS: 1st Cocklebur, 2nd Cross, 3rd (tie) Solano, Vince Smith, 5th Rising W
POTATOES: 1st Musselshell, 2nd C4B, 3rd Cocklebur, 4th Rising W, 5th Cross
ROLLS: 1st Cross, 2nd Cocklebur, 3rd Rising W, 4th C4B, 5th Solano
DESSERT: 1st Cocklebur, 2nd Rising W, 3rd Cross, 4th C4B, 5th Solano
WAGON: 1st Cross, 2nd Musselshell
OVERALL: 1st Cocklebur, 2nd Cross
There were 6 wagons competing.
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Vidalia, GA, Vidalia Onion Festival, April 26

MEAT: 1st Ramblin' Rose, Lexie & Katy Dean, 2nd Cow Camp, 3rd Skillet & Spurs, Troy & Cindy Reddick
BEANS: 1st Double X, Glenn Coffey, 2nd Ramblin’ Rose, 3rd Cow Camp
POTATOES: 1st Skillet & Spurs, 2nd Ramblin' Rose, 3rd Greenhorn,Sammy Hogan
BREAD: 1st Skillet & Spurs, 2nd Cow Camp, 3rd Ramblin’ Rose
DESSERT: 1st Greenhorn, 2nd Double X, 3rd Cow Camp
VIDALIA ONION DISH: 1st Greenhorn, 2nd Ramblin’ Rose, 3rdDouble X
WAGON: 1st Skillet & Spurs, 2nd Ramblin' Rose, 3rd Cow Camp
OVERALL: 1st Ramblin' Rose, 2nd Skillet & Spurs, 3rd Cow Camp
There were 5 wagons competing. The wagon judges were Mitch Morgan and Bill White.
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Breckenridge, TX, Bob Drake Memorial Chuck Wagon Cook Off, May 2-3

MEAT: 1st Rafter JB, John & Becky Conway, 2nd JL Cattle Co., Johnny & Leonna Adkins, 3rd Scorpion Cattle Co., Johnny & Kathy Bowen, 4th Shadow Peak, Scott & Alicia Tibbets
BEANS: 1st Bear Creek, Jim & Carla Schumacher, 2nd R–D, Robert & Donece Corey, 3rd Shadow Peak, 4th Rafter JB
POTATOES: 1st JL Cattle Co., 2nd Shadow Peak, 3rd Wild Cow, Roy Don & Beverly Creacy, 4th Scorpion
BREAD: 1st R–D, 2nd JL Cattle Co., 3rd Gilbert 2B, 4th Scorpion
DESSERT: 1st Scorpion, 2nd Gilbert 2B, 3rd Bear Creek, 4th Shadow Peak
WAGON & CAMP: 1st Wild Cow, 2nd Gilbert 2B, 3rd Shadow Peak
OVERALL: 1st JL Cattle Co., 2nd Shadow Peak, 3rd Scorpion
HOSPITALITY: Crosstimbers, Jack Ramey
POT WRESTLER: HX, Farris Hightower
There were 10 wagons competing. The wagon judges were Owen Noble and Ronnie Sexton.
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Abilene, TX, Western Heritage Classic, May 10

MEAT: 1st Rafter JB, John & Becky Conway, 2nd Goode, 3rd West Texas Rehabilitation Center, 4th T-Farm, 5th Robertson Wagon, Homer Robertson
BEANS: 1st Robertson, 2nd Rafter B, 3rd Broken Spur, 4th Brushy Creek, 5th Scorpion, Johnny & Kathy Bowen
POTATOES: 1st Rocking A, 2nd Robertson, 3rd Cowboy Heritage Church, 4th Scorpion, 5th Rafter JB
BREAD: 1st Broken Spur, 2nd Scorpion, 3rd WTRC, 4th Robertson, 5th Brushy Creek
DESSERT: 1st Rafter B, 2nd Scorpion, 3rd Brushy Creek, 4th Goode, 5th Cowboy Heritage Church
WAGON: 1st Scorpion, 2nd Goode, 3rd Rafter JB, 4th 2 Circle G, 5th Texas Stampede, Eric Williams
OVERALL: 1st Scorpion, 2nd Goode, 3rd Rafter JB, 4th Robertson, 5th Broken Spur
There were 14 wagons competing. The wagon judges were Mike Colbert, Ken Romine and Dave Williams.
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Fort Sisseton, SD, Fort Sisseton Historical Festival, June 7-8, 2014

MEAT: 1st Lost Creek, JT Hallson, 2nd CCC, Wes Stigen, 3rd Sweet Sally Sue, Bob Glanzer
BEANS: 1st CCC, 2nd Lost Creek, 3rd Sweet Sally Sue
POTATOES: 1st Lost Creek, 2nd Sweet Sally Sue, 3rd DT, Jim Patrick
BISCUITS: 1st Lost Creek, 2nd DT, 3rd Musselshell, Dan & Carol MacCaffree
DESSERT: 1st DT, 2nd Prairie Sky, 3rd Sweet Sally Sue
WAGON: 1st DT, 2nd Lost Creek, 3rd Musselshell
KID'S PIE WINNERS: 1st Kylie Hanebuth with CCC wagon, 2nd Koen Metzger with DT wagon, 3rd Raina Carter with Sweet Sally Sue
There were 6 wagons competing. The wagon judges were Bill Nigg and John Moeller.
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Stevensville, MT, Western Heritage Days, June 21, 2014

MEAT: 1st Moose Creek, 2nd Quarter Circle HO, Ray & Cindy Gullion, 3rd Gold Creek, Frank & Georgianna Lipus
BEANS: 1st Quarter Circle HO, 2nd Creekhouse, 3rd Moose Creek
POTATOES: 1st Moose Creek, 2nd (tie) Gold Creek & Creekhouse, 3rd Quarter Circle HO
CORNBREAD: 1st Moose Creek, 2nd (tie) Lightning A, Les & Pat Myers & Quarter Circle HO 3rd Gold Creek
COBBLER: 1st Quarter Circle HO, 2nd Creekhouse, 3rd Wild & Wooly
WAGON: 1st Gold Creek, 2nd Quarter Circle HO
OVERALL: Quarter Circle HO
There were 7 wagons competing. The wagon judges were Kern Mattie and Scott Hackett.
Youth Cobbler Competition
1st Cody cooking with Wild & Wooly, 2nd Tearianne cooking with QuarterCircle HO, 3rd Colin cooking with Lewis & Clark
There were 6 young people competing.
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Clovis, NM, June 6, 2014

MEAT: 1st Grubelnik Trail Wagon, Dale Grubelnik, 2nd Honey Do Spoiler, KevenRomines, 3rd HX Wagon, Farris Hightower, 4th Rising W
BEANS: 1st Honey Do Spoiler, 2nd HX, 3rd C – C, 4th Rising W
POTATOES: 1st C – C, Sue Cunningham, 2nd Rising W, 3rd Honey DoSpoiler, 4th Jackson Ranch
BISCUITS: 1st HX, 2nd C – C, 3rd Grubelnik, 4th Jackson
PEACH COBBLER: 1st HX, 2nd Honey Do Spoiler, 3rd (tie)Grubelnik & Jackson, 4th C – C
SPECIALTY/SIGNATURE DISH: 1st Rising W, 2nd HX, 3rd Grubelnik, 4th Honey Do Spoiler
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Hugo, CO, June 28, 2014

BEEF: 1st Rocking M, 2nd Tin Cup, 3rd Lizzie II, Rex & Sheryl Wailes
BEANS: 1st Lizzie II, 2nd Kirkwell, 3rd Tina's Kitchen
POTATOES: 1st Tin Cup, 2nd Rocking M, 3rd Kirkwell Cattle Co.
BREAD: 1st Rocking M, 2nd Arena Dust, 3rd Tina's Kitchen
DESSERT: 1st Lizzie II, 2nd Tina's Kitchen, 3rd Arena Dust
There were 6 wagons competing. There were 2 wagon judges.
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