2014 Event Results

Pigeon Forge, TN San Antonio, TX Cartersville, GA Guthrie, OK

Saddle Up's Buckaroo Roundup, February 23, Pigeon Forge, TN

MEAT: 1st Still Hangin’, 2nd Grumpy’s Grub, 3rd Skillets and Spurs
BEANS: 1st (tie) Ramblin’ Rose and Double X, 3rd Greenhorn Cattle Co.
BREAD: 1st Grumpy’s Grub, 2nd Skillets & Spurs, 3rd Double X
POTATOES: 1st Ramblin’ Rose, 2nd Double X, 3rd Rockin’ R
DESSERT: 1st Ramblin’ Rose, 2nd Double X, 3rd Grumpy’s Grub
WAGON: 1st Still Hangin’, 2nd Ramblin’ Rose, 3rd Skillets & Spurs
CORNBREAD: 1st Ramblin' Rose, 2nd Double X, 3rd Still Hangin'
OVERALL: 1st Ramblin’ Rose, 2nd Still Hangin’
There were 7 wagons competing. The wagon judges were Roger Edison and Rem Mosimann.
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San Antonio, TX, Elks Lodge #216 Chuck Wagon Cook Off, March 1, 2014

MEAT: 1st Musselshell, Dan McCaffree, 2nd Bertie Bell, Tom & TrishaBright, 3rd Bear Creek, Jim & Carla Schumacher
BEANS: 1st Musselshell, 2nd Bear Creek, 3rd Bertie Bell
BREAD: 1st Bertie Bell, 2nd Musselshell, 3rd Bear Creek
DESSERT: 1st Bear Creek, 2nd Musselshell, 3rd Bertie Bell
OVERALL: Musselshell
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Cartersville, GA, Southeastern Cowboy Gathering, March 8

MEAT: 1st Double X, 2nd Fairplay, 3rd Etowah
BEANS: 1st Fairplay, 2nd Skillet & Spurs, Troy & Cindy Reddick, 3rdDouble X
POTATOES: 1ST Skillet & Spurs, 2nd Etowah, 3rd Fairplay
BREAD: 1st Cow Camp, 2nd Skillet & Spurs, 3rd Fairplay
DESSERT: 1st Ramblin’ Rose, Lexie & Katy Dean, 2nd Double X, 3rdSkillet & Spurs
WAGON: 1st Ramblin’ Rose, 2nd Skillet & Spurs, 3rd Cow Camp
OVERALL: Skillet & Spurs
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Guthrie, OK, Lazy E chuck Wagon Cook Off, March 7-8

MEAT: 1st Rafter JB, John & Becky Conway, 2nd Crosstimbers, Jack Ramey, 3rd Diamond W
BEANS: 1st Diamond W, 2nd Crosstimbers, 3rd Rafter JB
POTATOES: 1st Diamond W, 2nd Honey Do Spoiler, 3rd Crosstimbers
BREAD: 1st Diamond W, 2nd Honey Do Spoiler, Keven Romines, 3rd Crosstimbers
DESSERT: 1st Diamond W, 2nd JB, 3rd Big Pasture, B. K. Nuzum
WAGON: 1st JB, 2nd Diamond W, 3rd Crosstimbers
OVERALL: Diamond W
There were 5 wagon competing. Wagon judges were three participants from the five wagons.
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