American Chuck Wagon Association Membership

The American Chuck Wagon Association is passionate about preserving the heritage of the American chuck wagon. Membership is open to individuals and organizations.

Annual and lifetime memberships are available.
Current lifetime members are: Pete Ballew, Diana-Rejba Barr, Corey Barr, Larry Barr, Wayne Calk, Kathy Christensen, Rick Christman, Glenn Cochran, Clint Combs, Calvin Daugherty, Monte Deckerd, Dorothy Douthit, Leland Fellows, David Gaunky, Dale Grubelnik, John Gunn, Sam Howell, Joe Jones, Kenneth Kickendahl, Gene Kotzur, Walter Lowe, K. Miller, Brad Muske, Cody Muske, David Pabst, Jim Patrick, Marcus Reed, Phil Rodgers, Gerry Self, Maribeth Sexton, Ronnie Sexton, Cody Smith, Bob Sparks, Nancy Sparks, Steve Sparks, Tresa Sparks, Jim Staley, Barbara Stavlo, Paul Stavlo, Lonnie Tegeler, Bill Thompson, Lisa Truesdall, Regina Verde, Rick Verde, and Wayne Wienecke.

Some benefits of membership are receiving a newsletter, purchasing cookbooks at a discount, voting on directors and policies of the association, being listed on the website for catering and chuck wagon related business and wagon registration.

Applicants wishing to join the ACWA can do so in one of three ways:

1. By mail: Download the ACWA Membership Form. Complete it and mail it along with the appropriate membership fee to:

ACWA, P.O. Box 6538, Lubbock TX 79493

2. Email: Download the ACWA Membership Form. Complete it and email it along with your credit card information to

3. Online: Pay online using your credit card or PayPal by providing the information below and clicking the Pay Now button.

Membership Type
Do you have a wagon?
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Current Member Sites

Many members of the ACWA have their own sites and/or FaceBook pages that offer information about chuck wagon history, catering services, and chuck wagon restoration.

Have Wagon Will Travel

Members interested in registering their wagon and receiving this beautiful medallion can download the form here.
Wagon Registration Medallion
ACWA Wagon Registration Form
Fill out the form and mail it along with the pictures and the $100 fee to:
ACWA, P.O. Box 6538, Lubbock TX 79493

In 2014, a member award program was initiated to recognize special achievements. Recipients are nominated and voted on by the membership.

The award categories and 2014 winners were:
     Pioneer Award - Don & Shirley Creasey
     Western Heritage Award - Jerry Baird
     Rookie of the Year, Omar Alvarez
     Hoodlum Award - Mitch Morgan
     Young Coosie Award - Austin Edison
     Brand Award - Jim Patrick
     Event Award - Llano, Texas, David Griffity
2015 winners were:
     Pioneer Award - Bob Sparks
     Western Heritage Award - Bill Thompson
     Rookie of the Year, no nominations
     Hoodlum Award - Kris Kircher
     Young Coosie Award - Tate Tolbert
     Brand Award - not awarded
     Event Award - Bobbie Thornberry for the Colonel Goodnight Cook off in Clarendon, TX
     Top Hand Awards
       Ed Lopez-donations to Ft. Thomas Gathering
       Marilyn Johnson-website
       Rodger Edison-chuck wagon FaceBook page
       Aubrey Lenamon-10 years with Cowboys for Heros
2016 winners were:
     Pioneer Award - Owen Noble
     Western Heritage Award - Bob and Nancy Sparks
     Rookie of the Year, Bobby & Jo Anne Mims
     Hoodlum Award - Michael Douglas
     Young Coosie Award - Seth Rybarski
     Brand Award - not awarded
     Event Award - Bob Drake Memorial at Breckenridge, TX
     Top Hand Awards

Details and the procedures for nomination can be found here. Award Nomination Form

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